Community Cares: All Together Now

Shaped like a stakeholder gathering for our artists, donors, community partners, and funders, “Community Cares: All Together Now” will celebrate Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s ten year history of making an impact in our community through peacemaking theater and foster conversations about where we’d like to head towards in the next ten years by asking:

How can we come together to practice community care?

Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s “Community Cares: All Together Now” will take place on Thursday, Dec. 9th from 6:30-8:30pm EST via Zoom.

Our event is facilitated by Cristina Pitter and will include special appearances by Daniel K. Isaac, Claudia Acosta and Joe Tolbert, Jr.

“Community Cares: All Together Now” is hosted by Raquel Almazan, Kirsten Berkman, Jason Chan, Stephanie Hsu, PennyMaria Jackson, Kyoung H. Park, Ryan Shen and Jason Tseng.

Our Host Committee is chaired by Ann Marie Lonsdale and “Community Cares: All Together Now” is sponsored by Laurence Pagnoni & Wei Ng, Partake Arts, Marty Linsky, Korean American Rainbow Parents, Robert Foust & John Lee.

Purchase Tickets
Tickets are available at a suggested donation of $50 and $25. $10 tickets are available for artists, low-income, BIPOC LGBQT+ members of our community. Event sponsorships are available with $250 donations or more. To purchase tickets, please click here.

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Ishmael Thaahir at

All ticket purchases and sponsorships are tax-deductible and will support Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s mission of working with artists, non-artists, and local communities to transform personal and communal experiences of oppression into peace messages made public through performance.