Axis 5: Decolonizing Nature

Our relationships to each other and our natural environments require change; COVID-19, climate change, and the gradual displacement and genocide of Indigenous Peoples signals the dire threats we face due to late-stage capitalism.

Beyond neoliberal, white supremacist solutions, what are the ways our communities can re-indigenize and reconnect with the land and spirit? What are the tactics through which we can practice community healing and community care when the institutions that were meant to care for us fail instead? How do we tell our stories connecting the intersections of violence, trauma, and disease to bring forth healing justice to our communities?

Weaving Histories (2023-Present)

Weaving Histories

June 21, 2023

From 1986-1991, elders of NYC’s QPOC community organized OTHER NO MORE, a queer advocacy campaign that lobbied for the US Surgeon General to remove “Asian Americans” and “Native Americans” from the “Other” box, so that Asian-American and Indigenous Peoples could be federally funded to meet the needs of people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Weaving Histories will feature Suki Terada Ports (Co-Founder of APICHA), Gil Gerald (Former ED of Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays), Curtis Harris-Davia (Former ED of American Indian Community House), and special guest speaker Hassan Naveed (ED of NYC Office for the Prevention of Hate-Crimes) to shed light on the history of OTHER NO MORE.

What has our BIPOC LGBQTIAGNSTS+ community learned from the HIV/AIDS crisis that helps us respond to the COVID-19 pandemic today?

Community Care Strategies (2020-Present)

“COMMUNITY CARES: All Together Now”

November 14th, 2023

Now, more than ever, we need artists and community members like you to imagine with us a culture of peace.

Shaped like a stakeholder gathering for artists, donors, community partners, and funders, Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s “Community Cares: All Together Now” is an opportunity for you to support KPB’s mission to advance a culture of peace and non-violence.

Our bi-annual, virtual gala will honor KPB Board member Tiffany Vega-Gibson and Theater Advocate Arnaldo López. Our program will also offer previews of our upcoming world premiere and next projects and facilitated discussions to further our flagship programs devising peacemaking theater and celebrating our local, community-based, partnerships.

“Community Cares: All Together Now” is hosted by Ariel Estrada, PennyMaria Jackson, Laurence Pagnoni and Ryan Shen.

Our Host Committee is co-chaired by Jason Chan, Ann Marie Lonsdale and Gary Yu and “Community Cares: All Together Now” is sponsored by Arts FMS.

“COMMUNITY CARES: All Together Now”

December 9th, 2021

Shaped like a stakeholder gathering for our artists, donors, community partners, and funders, “Community Cares: All Together Now” will celebrate Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s ten year history of making an impact in our community through peacemaking theater and foster conversations about where we’d like to head towards in the next ten years by asking:

How can we come together to practice community care?

Our event is facilitated by Cristina Pitter and will include special appearances by Daniel K. Isaac, Claudia Acosta and Joe Tolbert, Jr.

“Community Cares: All Together Now” is hosted by Raquel Almazan, Kirsten Berkman, Jason Chan, Stephanie Hsu, PennyMaria Jackson, Kyoung H. Park, Ryan Shen and Jason Tseng.

Our Host Committee is chaired by Ann Marie Lonsdale and “Community Cares: All Together Now” is sponsored by Laurence Pagnoni & Wei Ng, Partake Arts, Marty Linsky, Korean American Rainbow Parents, Robert Foust & John Lee.

“Community Cares”

July 10th, 2021
Albee Square, Brooklyn

What does Community Safety look like to You?

Join Black, Latinx and Asian American performers, healing artists, and local community members to engage in joyful non-Western artistic expressions, restorative exercises, and our community-driven mutual aid drive.

Inspired by Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s ongoing community-based conversations, Whiteness on Fire,” our theater company is hosting its first, live event since the theater shutdown in March 2020, featuring artists Salomé Egas, Cristina Pitter and Kyoung H. Park.

In partnership with GAPIMNY – Empowering Queer and Trans APIs, The Exponential Festival, and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, KPB invites its community members to gather in Downtown Brooklyn’s Albee Square to examine: “What does Community Safety look like to You?”

In addition to cultural programming, Kyoung’s Pacific Beat will lead a mutual aid drive to provide pre-packaged food and goods for local community members.

KPB “Community Cares,” Albee Plaza, July 10, 2021, Brooklyn. Photo by Ash Marinaccio

Community Care Healing

June 22, 2021

How do we find our voice and presence through collective healing? In a time of public trauma, how do we attain grounding in our bodies in space?

“Community Care Healing” is a virtual healing session centering vibrational healing, somatic body work, and somatic vocal work, designed to address the mental health care needs of Black, Asian, and artists of color working in New York City’s Indie theater community. Curated by Kyoung H. Park, this free, 90 minute, online Zoom session will be followed by an optional 30 minute conversation to reflect upon the healing work practiced together.

“Community Care Healing” is collaboratively led by Amy Lam PhD (writer/performer), Margherita Tisato (dancer) and Anastasia Marie (vocal coach). Registered participants are asked to connect to this Zoom session in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and have access to 6 ft. X 6 ft. of moving space, an open window and a clear glass bowl of water.

Please note that this session of interdisciplinary, healing arts will be recorded and edited, so that each segment of this evening can be viewed online, providing continuous access to 20-30 minute, interactive healing sessions that can be repeated at home. 

“Community Care Healing” is funded by the Hans, Renate and Maria Hofmann Trust

“Building Community Care Platforms for the Indie Theater Community”

May 4, 2020

How do we hold each other in this moment? How are we building collective resilience and reflection? What can we imagine and desire for our collective well being and survival?

Join us Monday, May 4th, 2020 from 6pm-8pm for “Building Community Care Platforms for the Indie Theater Community.” Our goal is to catalyze a community-wide conversation to establish the platform(s) necessary to foster local mutual aid, advocacy and support for the New York City Indie Theater community.

This free, two-hour online session will be co-facilitated by Cara Page (Founder & Lead Organizer/curator of the Changing Frequencies), Kyoung H. Park (Artistic Director of Kyoung’s Pacific Beat / The Indie Theater Fund Board Member), and guest speakers Amy G. Lam, PhD (Founder, Vibrational Energy Coaching & Healing, San Francisco, CA) and Christopher D. Sims (community leader, art-activist, Rockford, IL). This interactive chat will center the needs of individual artists and indie venues and will be rooted in healing justice work. We’ll provide self-care and community care resources and facilitate break-out groups to pod map our communities to address rising issues in our Indie Theater community.

“Building Community Care Strategies for the Indie Theater Community”

March 23, 2020

Following a city-wide shutdown of all public assembly, indie theaters have suspended their programming and thousands of theater artists have been left with no employment or sources of income.

Displaced from our places of creation and congregation, how do we build the networks of care we need to remain resilient, healthy, and imaginative? How do we remain grounded in reality and observe change manifest in this present moment?

Join us Monday, Mar. 23rd, 2020 from 7:00pm-8:30pm for “Building Community Care Strategies for the Indie Theater Community.” During this free, 90 minute online session, Cara Page, Founder & Lead Organizer/curator of the Changing Frequencies Project, and Erica Woodland, founder of the National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network, will provide participants with community-care frameworks, strategies and resources to New York City’s indie theater community in the midst of COVID-19’s global pandemic, centering Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer and Trans experiences.