Community Co-Lab

About Community Co-Lab

Through Community Co-Lab, Kyoung’s Pacific Beat collaborates with local, community-based, social justice organizations, academic, and cultural institutions, to co-create brave and inclusive spaces for artists and local communities to imagine a culture of peace and non-violence. Through remunerated partnerships, Kyoung’s Pacific Beat community partners work with us to design community-driven public events, social media advocacy campaigns, and participatory research. 

Currently, our Community Co-Lab work falls under five axes: 

Through these five axes, Community Co-Lab co-creates meaning for our new work while mobilizing our community to create social change as part of our art-making process. As a change-oriented organization, our collective actions are deeply shaped by our alignment with current social movements. We foster nonviolent social change by raising consciousness on the systems of oppression that exist invisibly amongst us and by radically destabilizing institutionalized cultural assumptions that normalize direct and structural violence in society.

Community Co-lab Axis Map

Community Co-lab Axis Map
Axis 2 Axis 1 Axis 3 Axis 5 Axis 4

Axis 4

Community Agreements

Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s Board of Directors and Mondragons (resident artists) are active leaders in our community. Collectively, we’ve established the following community agreements to promote a culture of safety, boundaries and consent which guides our artistic and community-based work. 

Our organization builds trust and shifts power by practicing radical transparency in our organizational operations, including participatory budgeting sessions in which we allocate our resources to support artists, community partners, and staff based on our shared values of collective ownership and equity. 

When engaging with our community, we co-design our programming through periodic meetings with our community partners and secure funds to financially compensate not only our partners, but also the community members who are invited to participate in our events and productions. Participating artists and organizers are then invited to become part of our resident artist ensemble, staff and/or Board, thereby ensuring our community has continuous access and decision-making power in our organization.


  • We build a culture of consent to be our full selves
  • We work with fluidity; we move up when we have the energy and step back when we don’t
  • We recognize one person cannot be everything and no one is the single authority on anything 
  • We vocalize what we need; we are open with the group
  • We are OK with not knowing and value everyone’s insight
  • We approach what we do with mental health care and care work in mind; we take care of each other, not take advantage of one another
  • We explore messiness and believe many hands make light work
  • We move at the speed of trust 
  • We build proactive ways to address toxic/abusive dynamics and call out tendencies for Urgency and Efficiency
  • We collaborate to co-create experiences, experiments, and express ourselves as a calculated risk
  • We remove the binary of yes/no decision-making by embracing consensus-based decision-making
  • We tune in to life-affirming flow with our collaborators 
  • We honor our commitments
  • We welcome our families

Community Partners

Current Partners (2020-2024)

Community Partners: Asians4Abolition, Asians Fighting Injustice, The Blasian March, Caribbean Equality Project, GAPIMNY, The Exponential Festival.

Institutional Partners: Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Flatbush Junction, PeoplesHub, Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.

Founding Partners (2011-2020)

Community Partners: ALTA-The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago, API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC, Asian-American Arts Alliance, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance), The Brooklyn Commune, Culturebot, CUNY’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, GAPIMNY, Hollaback!, Invisible 2 Invincible: Asian Pacific Islander Pride of Chicago, Korean Cultural Center New York, Nothing Without a Company, Pop Magic Productions, The Sip, SALGA, Urban Theater Company at Batey Urbano, Q-Wave.

Institutional Partners: Arts Council Korea (Seoul), Baryshnikov Arts Center, BRIC Arts Media Center, The Bushwick Starr, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (Santiago, Chile), Centro of Theater of the Oppressed (Rio de Janeiro), Columbia University, Consortium of Asian-American Theaters and Artists, DUOC (Santiago, Chile), Ensemble Studio Theater’s Youngblood, Ewha Womens’ University (Seoul), Global Arts Village (New Delhi), HERE Arts Center, Kyung Hee University (Suwon, South Korea), LaGuardia Performing Arts College, Lark Play Development Center, Mabou Mines, Ma-Yi Theater Writer’s Lab, National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, New Ohio Theater, Performance Project @ University Settlement, Royal Court Theater (London), Sanskriti Pratisthan (New Delhi), Second Generation Productions, Soho Theatre’s Writer’s Hub (London), The Sol Project, The Tank, Theater C, University of Washington, Vermont Studio Center.