Vision and Values


Our vision is to create a civically oriented laboratory where artists, community members, and the public are invited to engage in conversations about the oppression we face in society and create a movement to address this through non-violent, social change.

We will achieve our vision through the following three core programs:

  • Community-building: the organizing of a community that seeks a safe space to question how we can create a more peaceful world by dismantling structures of direct, structural, and cultural violence;
  • Workshops: the facilitation of writing and theater-making workshops that provide the tools and skills for like-minded artists and general public to create their own work;
  • Production: the creation of new works for touring ensembles to promote a culture of peace worldwide.

Our long-term goal is to create a replicable model that can be taught, and shared globally, to ensure a growing citizenry that believes peace matters.


Kyoung’s Pacific Beat researches and transforms personal and communal experiences of oppression into peace messages that are made public through performance. Our company values:

Pillowtalk Long-Table
Boundary-Breaking Discourse

Our priority is to build bridges across class-based differences and race/identity-based politics, while aesthetically blurring the lines between community, political, and experimental theater. We do this by creating opportunities for intercultural, interdisciplinary, interracial, international, and intersectional dialogue between artists and non-artists, cemented on anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and anti-poverty ethics.

Tala Workshop Production
Aesthetic Rigor

Kyoung’s Pacific Beat artistic intention is to provide spiritual elevation and social cohesion, a mode of radical, critical thought, and illuminate prophetic signals of an alternative knowledge that might help improve the lives of people all over the world. We pursue this by rigorously creating new work based on collaborative principles for artistic experimentation, centering artist-led research and discovery processes, while instituting frameworks to examine how theater and peace-making can be practiced together.

Non-Violent Change

Kyoung’s Pacific Beat is a change-oriented company. Our work aligns itself with the ebbs and flows of contemporary, social movements, and we participate in the struggles to overcome cultural taboos and institutional barriers in order to serve and represent marginalized communities in the theater. We believe Theater Arts serve as a tool for non-violent social change by exploring our interconnectedness, bridging cultural differences, and staging what is True, Good, and Beautiful in being Human.